2 thoughts on “On the “Nei Momi”-Southern Gilberts

  1. tom barber

    wonderful snaps.
    everybody looks so radiant in colour.
    lots of love and hope for the future, with puppies.
    with children of to school or with eloping lovers.

    tommy tucker

  2. Jon Post author

    Is’nt she beautiful. This pup was the (unofficial) mascot of the “Nei MomI”. I photographed the pup in several different hands.
    There’s a great story of Southern Gilberts people coming to Tarawa and eating ice-cream for the very 1st time.(x 2 places you can get soft serve) and throwing away the cone! It’s always told good naturedly and the Southern Gilberts people are the 1st to laugh at themselves.
    Went back to the “Nei Momi” and gave them CD of the crew snaps. They are off again tomorow for Christmas Island in the Line Group. Approx. 2 weeks out (depending on weather)
    Yep these kids are the future, as bright, intelligent and wonderful as any you may meet.

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