5 thoughts on “On the “Nei Momi”-Southern Gilberts

  1. tom barber

    its a water planet……………………………..from the snaps
    no land in the gilberts is above 2 meters…….
    were do the people go if theres a tidal storm surge or…….????????????
    globle warming raises the oceans 3 meters as predicted..
    relocation is the only option, but keeping the unique families of..
    water I kiribati culture, of dance , music, the spoken stories.

    good luck all round “some one has to do it”
    put a human face to climate change.

    signed tommy tucker

  2. Marerei Kaitabo

    oh yeah man…..tats true….but as long as i live, i prefer to swim n dance n sing my culture in the ocean happily……rather than live in an expensive world…lol….lol….or make spaces in Sydney Opera House….i love to live there…muaaahhhh…..lol…

  3. Marerei Kaitabo

    another thing to say…….do you know the meaning of that ships’ name?

    i’ll tell u: Nei Momi is My Precious One….

    love to c u in Kiribati b4 its sink..lol..

  4. Jon Post author

    Hi Marerei ,and thanks for your comments. It would be great to hear I Kiribati sing and dance in the Opera House, but I think I prefer one of the Bikenibeu maneabas! or somewhere on the outer islands. This last Christmas was fabulous for singing and dancing.
    I was told “Nei Momi” meant Miss Old Girl? but I like your interpretation the best.
    Thanks again for your comments..

  5. aline

    I have really loved following you throughout your time in I Kirribati. It has given such a personal face to the “people” of the ocean and their lives and issues..These amazing cultures..living on these islands and atolls in the vast Pacific. Most people do not know of this. Global warming is something that is going to affect us all..man cannot not put this issue off anymore. Looking forward to more photos and good luck with your future projects. I think an international exhibition road show would be a terrific idea..featuring I Kirribati and it’s people..a metaphor.. I’ve been fortunate to sail the pacific and connected with an amazing “family” of people my self..so I truly thankyou and appreciate this.

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